Intelligent data driven organizations
Intelligent data driven organizations

Increase your agility, optimize customer experience and introduce new business models

Unleash the power of your data

From a perfect flow of port traffic to a financial dashboard and from real-time monitoring in the control room to up-to-date client data on the tablets of caring staff and nurses. Anyone who can rapidly convert data into valuable information on the work floor, performs better and remains relevant. We call this an intelligent data driven organization. As intelligent data driven organization you know exactly what is happening around you and you are flexible enough to respond appropriately. Ordina helps you on your journey.

We ensure that you get maximum value from data. The result: more agility, better customer experience and the insight to anticipate the world of tomorrow within your business model.

Three preconditions

But now the big question: how can you become an intelligent data driven organization? We have determined three preconditions for this and support you in realizing them. Of course, with a view to lower costs, improved privacy & security and attuned to your business sector.

Capture & manage

One: we map the relevant internal and external data sources, ensure that you can collect these and make them accessible to the right people in your organization or for your customers. For instance, data from sensors, smart devices, cameras, RFID or extracting data from open sources.

Analyze & insight

Two: we offer you solutions for analyzing the data mix, discovering new connections and acquiring a deeper insight into your business processes. This creates a digital mirror image of the world around you that provides new insights about customers and processes that can help you to manage business processes more efficiently and service customers better.

Activate, optimize & innovate

Three: we support you in making business and customer processes more intelligent by enriching your IT landscape with data driven applications. As a result of the continuous data input and processing with these applications, you are able to predict the opportunities and threats of tomorrow. This opens the door to innovative business models and solutions which allow you to create new value for your personnel and customers.

Also want to be guided more by data?

Would you like to be guided more based on data, but need a partner who will support you to make the right IT decisions? Then take the plunge with Ordina. We can assist you with:

  • Data migration
  • Advanced analytics
  • Open data sources
  • Data driven applications
  • Smart asset management
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