About Ordina
About Ordina

Ordina is the largest independent IT services provider in de Benelux, with more than 2,700 employees. We devise, build and manage IT applications in the public sector, financial services sector, in industry and in healthcare. Our goal is IT that truly helps people. IT that matters and that has been developed without wasting any resources. We do this by working with our clients in partnerships for sustainable innovation.

Ordina was founded in 1973. The company’s shares have been listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since 1987 and are included in the Small Cap Index (AScX). In 2016, Ordina recorded revenues of EUR 344 million. You will find additional information on our corporate website: www.ordina.com.

Focus on our clients in the Benelux

Ordina wants to realise growth in revenues by providing added value for its clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Thanks to our specific know-how of the local market and laws and regulations, we are able to develop relevant solutions that help our clients realise their own business goals. Our growth is based on four strategic pillars:

  • Growth with our existing clients via new propositions and proven solutions.
  • The acquisition of new clients for whom Ordina can become an important supplier.
  • Regional growth via a targeted regional approach in areas such as Vlaanderen and Wallonia in Belgium and the northern part of the Netherlands.
  • Facilitating the acceleration of our innovative portfolio and provide our clients with innovative solutions.

High-quality services

Our clients are constantly raising the bar and expect more from our people and our services every single year. That keeps us on our toes, and we aim for continuous improvement. Together with our clients, we draw up a plan of action aimed at meeting their needs. This includes looking at portfolio, innovation and sector know-how. We measure customer satisfaction using the Ordina Promotor Score (OPS) and our target is a minimum score of 70. The OPS for 2016 was 72.0 in the Netherlands (2015: 67.2) and 81.3 in Belgium/Luxembourg (2015: 84.3). Our Client Satisfaction Index (CSI) is a survey of client satisfaction among our clients in the Netherlands and Belgium/Luxembourg. We measure the general satisfaction of our clients, as well as their perception of Ordina. We also ask about the strengths and weaknesses of our services, expertise and products. And together with our clients we draw up improvement plans on the basis of the outcome of these measurements. This is how we work continuously on the optimisation of our services. In 2016, the CSI in the Netherlands was 6.9 (2015: 7.1). In 2016, the CSI in the Netherlands was 6.9 (2015:7.1). In Belgium/Luxembourg, the CSI came in at 7.8 (2015: 7.9).

High employee engagement

Ordina is by definition a people company and we want to remain one of the top employers in the IT sector. We invest in the development, training and vitality of our employees. As an employer, we aim for an approval rating of at least 7.0 in our annual employee engagement survey. This is a key indicator for us that we are among the top quartile in the sector. Within Ordina as a whole, employee engagement stood at 6.8 in 2016 (2015: 6.5). In the Netherlands, that figure was at 6.8, a slight increase on the 6.3 recorded in 2015. In Belgium/Luxembourg, the employee engagement score stood at 7.6 last year (2015: 7.1). In 2016, we devoted specific attention to the engagement of our employees in the company strategy. We also take into account suggestions from employees regarding the strategy and potential improvements at Ordina. We see all of this as part of the process of continuous improvement.


Ordina wants to be a fair and reliable company and we believe that is based on acting with integrity. We safeguard that through our integrity policy, which is based on three pillars: know-how and development of employees, policy and integration in the organisation. We believe it is important to keep the subject of integrity alive within the organisation and that is why we devote considerable attention to the development, awareness and know-how of employees on this front. Ordina safeguards the normative framework with an annual review of its policy documents. We also evaluate suggestions from employees on this front and address these suggestions whenever this is appropriate.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The CSR strategy is high on Ordina’s agenda and is safeguarded in the upper echelons of the company in the Management Board. The CSR strategy focuses on three themes:

  • Sustainable business operations. In our business operations, we aim to find the right balance between economic, ecological and social interests
  • Sustainable services. In our services, we cooperate with our clients to create sustainable solutions that are socially relevant.
  • Social projects. In our social projects, we use our expertise to make a contribution to society.