IT for people
IT for people

Ordina has been active as an IT services provider in the Benelux for more than 40 years. We closely follow the latest technological developments and make these relevant by creating innovative business and IT applications that add value for our clients.

We believe in a digital world that helps people, organisations, companies and society as a whole to move forward. The application of IT plays a crucial role in resolving social and business problems. Technology can help to make the public sector more efficient, make sure the healthcare sector remains affordable and help safeguard secure internet transactions. As designers, builders and managers of the digital world, we have the expertise to make organisations more adaptable by helping to implement sustainable improvements to their operating processes and IT. We share this ambition for progress with our clients and it is anchored in our vision, mission and strategic goals.

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The first step in your career or a professional in your field? The challenge is to choose something that really suits you! Ordina has several fields and positions that may interest you.

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